Bulgaria signed contract for the expansion of the gas storage facility in Chiren

Bulgaria signed contract for the construction of above-ground facilities on the territory of the underground gas storage in Chiren. The document was signed by Nadia Stoykova from Bulgartransgaz and Maya Pencheva from the consortium that won the order for the construction of a new compressor and measuring station at the Chiren gas station – Tech Energy Expansion.

The contract is worth BGN 297.777 million and the construction of this part of the project extension is expected to be completed within two years. The overall project for the expansion of the Chiren LNG includes the construction of the above-mentioned equipment, which was the subject of one of the three public procurements carried out to realize the intention to increase the storage capacity from the current 550 million cubic meters to 1 billion .cubic m within the next two years or so. Two other public contracts provide for the construction of 13 new boreholes, as well as a pipeline to the nearby village of Butan.

The “Chiren” PGH expansion project was launched in 2009 in the context of the crisis with the suspension of Russian gas supplies due to a trade dispute with Ukraine. In 2015, the real actions on the project began with the signing of contracts to carry out seismic surveys both on the territory of the PGH “Chiren”, as well as on over 20,000 land properties near the former field, which became our only gas storage more than 40 years ago.

It is planned that after the end of the project, in addition to having a larger capacity, the possibility of extracting and injecting natural gas will increase from the current 3 to 4 million cubic meters per day to about 8-10 million cubic meters per day to day. In addition, it will be possible through the new compressors in Chiren to compress and pump natural gas all year round.

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