The contractors for the expansion of Bulgaria “Chiren” gas storage facility have been selected

The contract is expected to be signed within days, the director of Bulgartransgaz announced.

The contract for the expansion of the “Chiren” gas storage facility will probably be signed within a few days, announced the executive director of “Bulgartransgaz” Vladimir Malinov on the air of BNT. He explained that the contractors for the construction activities have already been selected and the period for appealing the procedure is currently running.

The project plans are to double the capacity of the gas storage (up to 1 billion cubic meters of natural gas) and is of community importance. Under the “Connected Europe” mechanism, the extension works receive EUR 78 million in grant funding.

It is expected that the expansion of the gas storage facility will cost around 300 million euros.

In addition to the capacity expansion the extraction (from almost 4 million cubic meters per day to 10 million cubic meters) and injection (from 3.2 million cubic meters to 8 million cubic meters) capabilities will also be increased per day). To realize this new overhead facilities will be built new boreholes will be made as well as connecting infrastructure. Malinov specified that the executors of these activities are consortia with experience in which both Bulgarian and European companies participate. The supplier of the equipment is a company from the USA.

On the website of the Public Procurement Agency, it is clear that documents for participation in the tender for the above-ground part of the project were submitted by the consortiums DZZD “Tech Energy Expansion” and DZZD “Chiren Had 2022”. There are also two bids for the construction of the boreholes – from DZZD “Chiren Drilling 2022” and DZZD “Exzalo Drilling Chiren”.

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