Kozloduy NPP and Framatom signed agreement for fresh nuclear fuel

An agreement between Bulgarian Kozloduy NPP and Framatome GmbH for fresh nuclear fuel for the sixth unit of the nuclear power plant was signed today in the Triaditsa 2 hall of the Sofia Grand Hotel, the Ministry announced of energy.

After the contract concluded with Westinghouse Electric Sweden for the supply of fresh nuclear fuel for the fifth unit, the new document, which is about to be signed, is the next practical step to ensure a diversified portfolio of fuel supplies for the nuclear power units of the plant, they point out from the Department of Energy.

The agreement will be signed by Georgi Kirkov – executive director of “Kozloduy NPP” and Lionel Geff – senior vice president for fuel at “Framatom”, in the presence of the Minister of Energy Rosen Hristov.

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