Bulgaria to sign memorandum for Alexandroupolis – Burgas oil pipeline

Bulgarian Acting Minister of Energy, Rosen Hristov annouced plans to sign a memorandum with Greece in few weeks for oil pipeline project Alexandroupolis – Burgas.

The memorandum envisages the creation of a joint working group of experts from both countries to “uncover” everything that has been done on this project. In addition a road map will be drawn up which will foresee which next steps are need to be taken as well as on what terms in order to start this project, the minister pointed out. Most likely the scheme of the Greece-Bulgaria interconnector will be used.Once the entire structure is worked out the specific contracts will be signed. 

This project is very important to ensure the supply of non-Russian oil in the most economically advantageous way for the refinery.

Rosen Hristov, Bulgarian Acting Minister of Energy

The other thing that will happen along this pipeline is that this project will expand into a multimodal transportation infrastructure. That is to build railway lines as well as roads along the pipeline.  At the moment negotiations are underway for Bulgaria to participate in some way in the operation of the ports in Alexandroupolis and Kavala, the Acting Energy Minister also informed. He believes that thanks to this transport corridor which can start from Greece pass through Bulgaria, Romania and from there reach Ukraine and Central Europe can become an extremely important project for the whole of Europe. The first step is to build an oil pipeline between Greece and Bulgaria at the next stage this project will be able to expand.

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