The Bulgarian EnduroSat launched its satellite in the first orbital flight of 2023

The Bulgarian company EnduroSat announced the successful launch of its Platform-2 nanosatellite. The device flew into Earth orbit on Elon Musk’s SpaceX’s first orbital flight of 2023. The rocket launched another 113 satellites from a total of 24 countries, BNR reports.

The first launch of a satellite assembled by the Bulgarian company took place in 2018. It was then launched into orbit from the cargo bay of the ISS. The satellite was previously delivered to the station on a cargo mission to refuel it.

The main goal of the mission was to provide, for the first time in Bulgaria, practical training on satellite communications. The cadets from Space Challenges 2018 communicated with the satellite and downloaded data from it

Raicho Raichev, EnduroSat

Platform-2’s mission is also research. A plasma electric propulsion system will be tested on board the small craft. The avant-garde drive is the work of the Hypernova company and features a maximally simplified and accessible design. Success of the technology could extend the life of satellites.

All devices in low Earth orbit need periodic lift-off, otherwise they can burn up in the atmosphere. The most powerful and capable propulsion system based on a vacuum arc will be tested on the Bulgarian satellite. 

Propulsion is vital for all future commercial missions in space. Hypernova has done an incredible job of making its technology. We can’t wait to see it perform in flight. We are proud to support innovators and their visionary programs.

Raicho Raichev, founder and CEO of EnduroSat.

The Bulgarian company is based in Sofia and creates nanosatellites for various researchers and countries. EnduroSat is proud to already have over 200 customers. The assembly of the spacecraft takes place in a laboratory measuring 700 square meters.

The Bulgarian telecommunications satellite BalkanSat is planned to be launched into space in 2023 which should provide services to the public and private sectors through the BalkanSat 30B system. The network will provide communications on the territory of Bulgaria and will be able to be used by state and municipal administration the energy ministries, fire safety, civil protection, hospitals and others.

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