Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro signed memorandum for power grid interconnection projects and renewable integration

Representatives from the Independent System Operator in Bosnia and Herzegovina (NOSBiH) and the Montenegrin Electricity Transmission System (METS) have signed a memorandum of understanding in Sarajevo. This memorandum outlines preliminary activities for two projects: the reconstruction of the existing power transmission line DV 220kV HE Peručica – Trebinje and the construction of a new power transmission line DV 400kV Brezna – Sarajevo 20 or DV 400kV Brezna – Gacko. The Bosnian FENA agency reported on this significant development.

Nemanja Pandurević, Director of the Independent System Operator in Bosnia and Herzegovina, emphasized the importance of these projects, particularly in terms of enhancing transmission capacity and integrating renewable electricity sources. The goal is to facilitate the acceptance of renewables like solar power plants and wind farms. Pandurević stressed that interconnection construction is crucial for securing a stable power supply, avoiding grid congestion, and working towards the integration of the regional electricity market, as outlined in strategic documents for the Western Balkans. Ivan Asanović, Executive Director of the Montenegrin Electricity Transmission System, highlighted the value of these projects and the substantial costs involved in transmission line reconstruction and construction. Asanović mentioned that the Montenegrin Electricity Transmission System has already secured significant funding from the European Commission for a feasibility study, a step forward that positions them well for future stages. Upon reaching an advanced readiness level, the projects could qualify for a substantial grant, potentially up to 20 percent, from European funds for the construction phase. This funding would have a significant impact on both the Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina systems, Asanović noted.

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