Bulgarian TPP Bobov Dol purchased new gas equipment

TPP Bobov dol purchased equipment for construction of a gas connection and started for implementation of equipment switching to nature gas. The plant won’t give up the blue fuel despite dynamic market prices. Joint will be made to main gas pipeline which recently started construction for North Macedonia. The new connection will be supplying the TPP Bobov Dol with nature gas and planned lenght is estimated near 2 kilometers.

Gasification – the equipment should arrive in March… and shortly before that we should start making the routes for the pipes. Prices and costs for everything are increasing so we don’t know if we will succeed in the end, but we hope that we are working in right direction. We have not given up.

eng. Lyubomir Spasov, executive director

According to initial plans the gasification of the TPP Bobov Dol should cost about 6 million euro. Until now the thermal power plant burns coal and biomass (straw) which it has in stock in sufficient quantities.

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