Bulgaria will cooperate with Ukraine on the gas market and in nuclear energy

Bulgaria and Ukraine will cooperate on the gas market and in nuclear energy. At a meeting between the energy ministers of the two countries, the idea of ​​using Russian equipment for the Belene NPP in Ukraine was discussed. The issue will be studied in detail for which the Ukrainian side will send a technical team to Bulgaria.

Rosen Hristov spoke with his Ukrainian colleague Herman Halushchenko in Stockholm, where an informal meeting of the Council of the European Union on “Transport, Telecommunications and Energy” is being held. 

Hristov proposed that Ukraine join the initiative to study the gas market in the countries of South-Eastern and Central Europe. The goal is for each country to provide information on its required amount of gas, as well as on the capabilities of its transmission infrastructure. This will also help ensure supply diversification. For its part, Kiev also agrees to join the study. 

In front of his Ukrainian colleague, however, the official Minister of Energy stated something else – that at this stage, Bulgaria cannot help but work with Russia regarding the Kozloduy NPP. According to him, the plant is still dependent on Moscow for parts and information services. 

That is why Hristov explained that Bulgaria is against the imposition of nuclear sanctions against Russia, because, in his opinion, such sanctions will endanger the work of the plant. 

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