French EDF has provided a detailed analysis plan for the completion of the Bulgarian Belene NPP

The French energy company “Electrites de France” (EDF) has presented, through the Bulgarian Minister of Energy Rosen Hristov, a detailed plan of how a pre-project study would be carried out on the possibilities of completing the frozen project for the construction of the Belene NPP.

Hristov is on a visit to France and at a meeting with the management of EDF, he was presented with a technical plan for the assessment of how to complete the nuclear power plant, for which Russian equipment for 1.2 billion BGN has been delivered, for the conservation of which the Russian “Atomstroyexport” is paid and in which more than BGN 3 billion have been invested by the “National Electric Company”. However, the project is in ruins since the height of the Covid pandemic, which served as an occasion to stop the procedure announced by the GERB government to search for a strategic investor in the project, estimated by state experts at BGN 20 billion, with a value probably twice as high . The main interest in financing the project was from the Russian “Rosatom”, whose company “Atomstroyexport” supplied the equipment,

Bulgarian government’s intention to sign an engineering contract with France’s EDF to study whether the Belene NPP could be completed with the introduction of Western technology was announced at the end of March. Before that, Hristov informed that such a study is planned to be done by the American “Westinghouse” for two new reactors at the Kozloduy NPP site.

The contracts with “Westinghouse” and EDF, a part of which is “Framatom”, which will replace the Russian nuclear fuel at Unit VI of the Kozloduy NPP, have not been signed.

According to the analysis plan now presented by EDF, it will take between nine months and a year, the energy department explained.

It is likely that the National Electric Company, owner of the Belene NPP assets, and the Kozloduy NPP New Powers company, which was specially created for new reactors in Kozloduy, will pay for both analyzes – from EDF and Westinghouse, respectively.

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