Bulgaria’s Electrohold announces new 100MW solar power plant

Electrohold, a Bulgarian company, has announced its plans to increase the capacity of green electricity with the construction of a new solar power plant. The plant, with a capacity of 100 MW, will be situated in Maglizh, a town located in the Stara Zagora region of Bulgaria. The project will adhere to the highest environmental standards and will be implemented through a special program aimed at protecting and expanding the biodiversity of the region. The project has received approval from all relevant stakeholders.

The Maglizh FPP will be built on a land area of 1270 decares, which was previously uncultivable and categorized as 8th to 10th grade before its purpose was changed. Construction is expected to commence at the end of this year and is projected to be completed by the middle of next year. The total investment for this endeavor is estimated to reach nearly 100 million euros.

The project is being backed by the investor, Belozem Solar Park 2, a company in which ES Solar and Sizigi are equal partners. ES Solar represents the majority shareholders of Eurohold, the largest public holding company in Bulgaria and the owner of Electrohold. Sizigi, on the other hand, is the company 360 Energy, which has been successfully developing and managing renewable energy projects in Bulgaria and Southeast Europe for the past 12 years. These same investors have already constructed FEC Verila, one of Bulgaria’s largest photovoltaic plants, with a capacity of 123 MW. FEC Verila is situated in the village of Kraynitsi, Dupnitsa.

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