The FlexiGrid project has entered its final phase at Bulgaria

In November 2021, ENERGO-PRO Bulgaria participated in a pilot project for our country focused on transforming energy systems. The project, called FlexiGrid, received support from 18 organizations across 8 countries. Its main objective is to develop methods to achieve flexibility in the energy system and create a blockchain-based platform that enables electricity distribution companies to purchase grid flexibility services from producers and consumers.

The project involves analyzing barriers to adopting innovative market designs and assessing the existing regulatory framework to determine the extent to which it allows for the development of business models that enhance flexibility in the operations of network operators.

A demonstration scenario was developed in Bulgaria to showcase how an electricity distribution company can purchase flexible services from consumers and producers connected to its network. For the project implementation, smart electricity meters were installed for selected pilot customers of ENERGO-PRO. These smart devices track production and consumption at 15-minute intervals. During the test period, a total of 21 producers, consumers, and prosumers connected to the company’s network had smart electricity meters installed at their sites in the Varna region. The combined installed capacity of customers participating in the demo scenario exceeds 8300 kW.

The demonstration aims to provide options and solutions for optimizing the operation of the distribution network by utilizing the platform for network monitoring and control of electricity exchange and network services among participants. This way, if necessary, flexibility services can be provided through a blockchain trading platform, enabling significant reduction of network imbalances through energy balancing, peak control, load regulation, and self-control. This advantage is crucial considering the anticipated increase in grid-generated energy from renewable sources connected to medium- and low-voltage grids in the future.

By addressing some of the major challenges of the energy transition, this project will bring valuable knowledge and solutions to key energy issues that are expected to arise within the next five to ten years. Through participation in this project, ENERGO-PRO will enhance its ability to anticipate and mitigate future challenges in the ever-evolving energy market.

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