Bulgargaz to deliver 143 million cubic meters of LNG gas to Greece

Bulgaria Bulgargaz managed to buy two LNG regasification slots in 2023 at terminal on the Greek island of Revitusa and will participate in the final auction on Thursday where it will try to qualify for some monthly capacity next year, annouced executive director of the state-owned company Denitsa Zlateva, told Mediapool on Wednesday.

Five slots for first quarter of 2023, when gas consumption will be on its highest demand, were bought by the Bulgarian “MET Energy“. The other winners of Revitusa slots for the first quarter are Greek DEPA and Mytilineos, which have also been among Bulgargaz’s suppliers in recent months.

Meanwhile, Bulgargaz has also announced an auction of the Balkan gas hub for gas supplies in December. The Bulgarian gas exchange auction is scheduled for November 7. The quantity sought is 11,540 MWh or nearly 1.1 million cubic meters and bidding will start at a discount of 23 euros from the price of the Dutch gas exchange TTF.

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