Nine Hydrogen Valley projects to receive EU funding

Bulgaria and Greece hydrogen projects to receive EU funding through he “EU Partnership for Clean Hydrogen” initiative which has announced €105.4 million in funding for nine hydrogen valleys in Europe

The projects were selected following the first call for proposals under the EU Clean Hydrogen Partnership and negotiations are about to begin on grant agreements, which are expected to be completed before the summer.

The nine projects include two larger flagship hydrogen valleys that will be able to produce at least 5,000 tonnes of hydrogen per year and are set to receive €25m each, as well as seven smaller projects that will each be funded with €8m .euro.

Leading projects include the North Adriatic Hydrogen Valley, which is a partnership between Slovenia, Croatia and the Italian region of Friuli-Venezia Giulia and is led by Slovenian power producer Holding Slovenske Elektrarne (HSE) . The project covers the production of ecological hydrogen from renewable energy sources, its storage, distribution and use.

The second flagship valley aims to build a hydrogen corridor through the Baltic Sea countries, including Estonia and southern Finland.

Smaller projects are located in Bulgaria (Stara Zagora), Greece (Crete and Corinth), Ireland (Galway), Italy (Lombardy), Turkey (South Marmara) and Luxembourg.

These 9 valleys will sow the seeds of the envisioned hydrogen economy by creating hydrogen valley centers simultaneously in several EU member states, connecting them together and turning them into a large-scale value chain for growth

Melyssa Verykios, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Clean Hydrogen Partnership

The partnership is the successor of the Joint Venture “Fuel Cells and Hydrogen 2” (JV “GKV 2”). It is a public-private partnership that provides support for hydrogen innovation within the Horizon Europe program. Its members are the European Commission, the industrial group Hydrogen Europe and Hydrogen Europe Research .

In January, the Clean Hydrogen Partnership announced a €195m call for proposals to develop clean hydrogen technologies.

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