Bulgaria and Greece anticipate completion of key strategic LNG terminal by the end of 2023

Significant advancements are underway in the energy sector of Southeastern Europe, with a strategic Greece Alexandroupolis LNG terminal – in which “Bulgartransgaz” maintains a 20% stake – on the brink of transforming the regional energy landscape. This terminal is poised to facilitate the supply of competitively priced natural gas, thereby enhancing market fluidity in the region. With its operational focus on Bulgaria and the Bulgartransgaz network, the terminal is expected to serve as a conduit for gas distribution to various European countries, including Ukraine and Moldova.

Furthermore, the innovative design of the Bulgartransgaz network has opened avenues for alternative natural gas delivery routes, allowing for reliable gas supply without constraints. This forward-looking approach has enabled countries such as Moldova and North Macedonia to diversify their energy sources, reducing their reliance on a single supplier. The upcoming expansion of the Chiren gas storage, an interconnector project with Serbia, and the imminent launch of the LNG terminal in Alexandroupolis collectively signal a promising medium-term trajectory for meeting increased LNG and gas demand in the region. These endeavors are expected to bolster energy security and contribute to a more diversified and resilient energy ecosystem. While the exact timeline for the terminal’s initial deliveries remains undisclosed due to commercial considerations, early indications suggest potential commencement as early as January 2024, further underscoring the region’s commitment to energy stability and sustainability.

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