Bulgaria and Greece to sign memorandum between the ports of Varna and Kavala

In his speech at Delphi Economic Forum, the Bulgarian president Rumen Radev announced that Bulgaria and Greece are going to sign memorandum between the ports of Varna and Kavala next week.

Next week we are going to sign a memorandum between the ports of Varna and Kavala. This is a significant change that will allow us to subsequently create a transport corridor Sea2Sea – Thessaloniki-Kavala-Alexandroupolis-Burgas-Varna-Rousse. The functioning of the Northern Corridor passing through Russia is disrupted. This gives us the opportunity to take advantage of the situation by developing the Middle Corridor (China – Central Asia – Europe). All these projects prove that the development of connectivity between Greece and Bulgaria is necessary.

Rumen Radev , President of Bulgaria

He also explained that while we have the opportunity to reserve the terminals and regasification facilities located in Greece, Athens will have the opportunity to reserve capacities in the Chiren gas storage facility.

The Sea2Sea project aims to develop a railway corridor connecting the Greek ports of Thessaloniki, Kavala and Alexandroupolis to the Bulgarian Black Sea ports of Varna and Burgas while extending to the port of Ruse located on the Danube and the Bulgarian-Romanian border.

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