Bulgaria National Electric Company modernized the “Vacha 1” HPP with nearly 10 million BGN

The National Electric Company completed the rehabilitation of the Vacha 1 HPP near Krichim. This significantly extends the life and improves the reliability of the plant, reported BNR.

The “Vacha 1” hydropower plant is a derivation plant with a capacity of 14MW and is part of the lowest stage of the Dospat-Vacha hydropower cascade.

The value of the completed 5-year period of modernization is BGN 9 million and 600 thousand, with the financing being taken over by the Kozloduy International Fund and funds of the National Electric Company.

The rehabilitation includes modernization and replacement of equipment of the 110 kilovolt open switchgear. One of the four hydro units has been completely replaced, and two others have already modernized turbines, as well as the entire control systems of the Vacha 1 HPP.

The executive director of the National Electric Company, Martin Georgiev, reveals how the rehabilitation affects the operation of the plant.

 Overall it extends the life and reliability of the plant. It greatly supports the integration of renewable sources. This method of energy extraction is the most sustainable, and the most modern trends recently are precisely for the development of hydropower. The rehabilitation significantly extends the life of the plant and its reliability, as it has a very important role for the functioning of the energy system in our country and for its balancing. It greatly supports the integration of renewable energy sources and, accordingly, the decarbonization of energy. 

Martin Georgiev, Executive director of the National Electric Company

This year, the Vacha 1 HPP celebrates its 90th anniversary and still plays an important role in the energy security of the region.

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