Bulgaria’s Bulgartransgaz EAD has initiated a non-binding market survey to explore hydrogen transmission capacity

Aligned with European decarbonization policies and priorities, Bulgartransgaz EAD is actively enhancing its infrastructure in line with extensive development plans and the integration of hydrogen into the EU’s energy composition. Hydrogen, serving as a zero-emission energy carrier, holds pivotal significance in the EU’s phased energy sector transformation and the pursuit of carbon neutrality by 2050.

The European Commission’s REPowerEU strategy outlines a substantial consumption target of 20 million tonnes of renewable hydrogen by 2030, comprising 10 million tonnes from domestic production and 10 million tonnes from imports.

Bulgartransgaz is strategically engaged in hydrogen-related ventures, encompassing the establishment of infrastructure for pure hydrogen transfer and adaptation of existing gas infrastructure to handle hydrogen-gas mixtures containing up to 10% hydrogen. The company is an active participant in the “European Clean Hydrogen Alliance” and “European Hydrogen Backbone” initiatives.

In light of these endeavors, “Bulgartransgaz” EAD has launched a non-binding market survey to identify hydrogen transfer capacity requirements. The company extends an invitation to all present and potential market participants, including producers, traders, and consumers, to provide their non-binding demand projections for hydrogen transfer capacity.

The survey outcomes will gauge market interest in potential hydrogen integration within the future energy blend. Through this non-binding survey, which includes collaboration with neighboring operators, timely infrastructure planning can be facilitated.

The study aims to pinpoint anticipated hydrogen transport capacity needs, potential production sites within Bulgaria, and exit points to serve end users. The insights garnered will also contribute to the prompt planning and construction of the essential infrastructure for hydrogen transfer to and across Bulgaria.

Interested parties are requested to submit their information by September 15, 2023.

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