Bulgaria’s KCM AD signed 12 years green electricity deal with Enery

Bulgarian KCM AD, a leading producer of lead and zinc in South-Eastern Europe, has partnered with Enery, a renewable energy asset operator, for a 12-year electricity contract starting in 2024. This collaboration aims to establish sustainable energy practices and ensure a reliable green energy supply.

With an annual electricity consumption of almost 400 GWh, KCM AD can achieve an optimal balance of energy sources for enhanced sustainability. By accessing Enery’s new solar power plant in Bulgaria, KCM AD strengthens its commitment to environmental and social responsibility.

Enery’s state-of-the-art solar facility, developed by Enery Element, will generate approximately 200 GWh per year. It offers industrial partners, including KCM AD, the opportunity to improve sustainability practices while reducing both carbon emissions and energy costs.

The partnership provides several benefits, such as predictable electricity costs, reduced carbon footprint, and customized agreements tailored to specific customer requirements. Enery’s expanding portfolio enables them to offer green energy solutions to businesses across Central Europe.

The collaboration between KCM AD and Enery aligns with the European Union’s clean energy targets and emphasizes the significance of responsible energy consumption and competent green energy suppliers.

The green project in Bulgaria, scheduled to commence next year, is expected to become a benchmark for environmental solutions in the EU. This partnership signifies a significant step towards a cleaner and more sustainable energy landscape in South-Eastern Europe.

The cooperation also reflects the region’s growing commitment to a low-carbon industry, with Enery Element’s high-quality solar projects driving the energy transition and fostering sustainable development.

KCM AD’s environmental, social, and management strategy receives a notable boost through this collaboration, reinforcing its dedication to long-term sustainability goals. Together, KCM AD and Enery pave the way for a greener and prosperous energy sector in South-Eastern Europe.

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