NRA collaborates with international experts for safety analysis of new nuclear fuel at Bulgarian Kozloduy NPP unit 5

The Nuclear Regulatory Agency (NRA) has entered into contracts with the French Institute for Nuclear Safety and Radiation Protection (IRSN) and a Czech-Ukrainian consortium. The purpose of these contracts is to obtain external expertise concerning specific safety analysis reports required for the approval of new nuclear fuel RWFA, manufactured by “Westinghouse,” intended for use in Unit 5 of the Bulgarian Kozloduy Nuclear Power Plant (NPP). The NRA has officially announced this development.

Under the terms of the agreement, IRSN will conduct a comprehensive review of a total of 20 reports encompassing safety analyses related to the entire lifecycle of the RWFA nuclear fuel. This includes assessments of the mechanical, hydraulic, and thermo-mechanical design of the RWFA fuel, analyses of fuel behavior during potential accidents, evaluations of nuclear safety during transport and technological operations, as well as considerations regarding the storage of nuclear fuel.

Additionally, a Czech-Ukrainian consortium has been engaged to provide expertise specifically focused on the compatibility assessment between the new nuclear fuel and the internal reactor control system of Block 5 at the Kozloduy NPP.

The NRA intends to utilize the findings derived from these evaluations to inform its regulatory decision-making process pertaining to the licensing of this novel nuclear fuel variant for use in Block 5 of the Kozloduy NPP. This noteworthy announcement underscores the significance of rigorous safety analyses in ensuring the responsible advancement of nuclear technology.

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