Bulgaria secures EC funding to modernize its railway network and energy transmission grids

Bulgaria is set to make strategic investments in its railway network and energy transmission grids as part of its ambitious plans for infrastructure development. The European Commission recently announced substantial funding, amounting to 197 million euros, to support Bulgaria’s efforts in these areas.

The allocated funds will play a vital role in enhancing the country’s electricity transmission network and expanding its railway system. With a total of 2 billion and 400 million euros earmarked for seven European Union countries, including Bulgaria, the Commission aims to accelerate the transition to a non-polluting economy.

Bulgaria’s investment strategy encompasses multiple objectives. Firstly, the funds will be directed towards the development of electric transport, facilitating the growth of sustainable mobility options. Additionally, significant resources will be allocated to improve energy storage capabilities, ensuring efficient utilization and management of electricity.

Furthermore, the Commission expects Bulgaria to effectively reduce carbon emissions associated with electricity production and promote decentralization efforts. By investing in renewable energy sources and modernizing the energy transmission grids, Bulgaria aims to achieve a more sustainable and resilient power infrastructure.

In parallel, the country is determined to make strategic advancements in its railway network. The planned investments will focus on expanding and modernizing the railway system to enhance connectivity, both domestically and with neighboring regions. This initiative will contribute to improved transportation efficiency for passengers and goods, fostering economic growth and facilitating trade.

Through these comprehensive investments in railway infrastructure and energy transmission grids, Bulgaria demonstrates its commitment to sustainable development, embracing the principles of a greener economy and a more connected future

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