Moldova and Bulgaria will sign an agreement on energy cooperation

Moldovan Minister of Energy, Victor Parlikov, and Bulgarian Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs, Maria Gabriel, recently convened during a trilateral meeting involving Greece, Bulgaria, and Romania at Varna.

Victor Parlikov extended his gratitude to Bulgaria for its support of Moldova’s European aspirations and expressed his enthusiasm for the growing high-level interactions and bilateral collaboration, particularly in the energy sector. He also underscored the imperative to invigorate the joint Moldovan-Bulgarian intergovernmental commission’s efforts and foster closer ties within the business community. In this vein, both officials concurred on the organization of a Moldovan-Bulgarian business forum slated for 2024.

Concurrently, the parties acknowledged the necessity of Bulgaria’s more proactive involvement in the development of Moldova’s southern region, including the Taraclia area. This strategic commitment seeks to position Bulgaria, as a European Union member, as a significant anchor for the region’s inhabitants. The Moldovan minister shared these developments on his Facebook page, highlighting their commitment to the region.

To take the initial step in this direction. I have agreed with the Bulgarian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Maria Gabriel, to sign a cooperation agreement between our nations.

Victor Parlikov, Moldovan Minister of Energy

According to the Moldovan minister, this cooperation agreement will encompass sustainable energy and climate, infrastructure development, access to public services, education and culture, and media.

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