Bulgarian National Electric Company completed Momina Klisura HPP repair

The Bulgarian National Electric Company (NEK) has successfully completed the repair of the Momina Klisura HPP, marking the final step in the Belmeken – Sestrimo – Momina Klisura cascade’s rehabilitation. The consortium involving KONČAR KET (Croatia), ČKD BLANSKO (Czech Republic), and RUDIS (Slovenia) carried out the rehabilitation of all three plants. The contract, valued at BGN 39.11 million, received financing of BGN 22.64 million from the EBRD through the Kozloduy International Fund, with NEK providing BGN 16.47 million. The entire cascade’s renovation, which includes nine hydro units (seven already rehabilitated), is scheduled for completion by year-end, extending the facility’s operational life by at least 20 years. This modernization contributes to Bulgaria’s electricity system’s reliability and aligns with ambitious decarbonization goals.

The staged rehabilitation process allowed the Momina Klisura HPP to continue operating at 50 percent capacity (60 MW) without interruption. Now, running at full capacity (120 MW), the plant effectively meets the country’s electricity demands. The new equipment, sourced from Croatia and the Czech Republic, replaced outdated Bulgarian machinery. As the largest producer of RES electricity in the country, NEK acknowledges the importance of water resources and remains committed to prioritizing modernization projects. The cascade’s refurbishment aims to enhance operational reliability, improve regulatory capabilities, and expedite participation in the frequency regulation of the network, ultimately ensuring a more efficient and secure energy system. Spanning from the Belmeken Dam at 1920 m above sea level to the Momina Klisura HPP at 251 m above sea level, the Belmeken – Sestrimo – Momina Gorge cascade has a total installed capacity of 735 MW in generator mode and 104 MW in pump mode.

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