Bulgaria annouced plans to build new nuclear power units

Rosen Hristov announced that the strategy plans several key projects and one of the projects is for development of nuclear energy – completion of the units in “Belene” and construction of two replacement units in “Kozloduy” to replace the 5th and 6th units of the nuclear power plant after they out of service. The energy department’s models show an increased demand for electricity in Bulgaria and the region, reported BTA.

We are in a very advanced phase. We have done many simulations, including with specialized consultants. We have had conversations with all branch organizations, trade unions. We have collected a lot of things, we have analyzed them. Literally in January we plan to offer it for discussion. First we plan to organize round table with a wider range of interested parties. After everyone’s comments we will introduce it to the National Assembly and I hope it will be approved by the end of January so that we can work on the key projects.

Rosen Hristov, Bulgarian Minister of Energy

The current two blocks in “Belene” can work even without the participation of their Russian producer the minister said that there is no problem for this to happen. Several European companies have already purchased the technology and can be finished with this equipment that is in our country. The other option is to sell this equipment and start “fresh” with another technology.

It is planned to install new nuclear power, as we have seen that electricity consumption is not decreasing. Bulgaria and neighboring countries need much more electric power. In the strategy we will propose, all possible sources will be installed – including green energy, renewable sources and nuclear energy

Galab Donev, Prime Minister of Bulgaria

And not only in the economy – expressing itself in a financial result, but also for the security of the energy system of Bulgaria and the region. The Bulgarian energy system is built as unique, as it balances all the capacities of the neighboring countries

Galab Donev, Prime Minister of Bulgaria

Donev announced that the government will introduce an electricity strategy that will show the development of the electricity sector in Bulgaria in the next few years, reported DIR.bg.

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