Annual planned maintenance commences at Bulgarian Kozloduy NPP’s sixth unit

On October 9, 2023, the annual planned maintenance of the sixth unit at the Bulgarian Kozloduy Nuclear Power Plant will commence. The shutdown of this nuclear power unit has been coordinated with the Central Dispatch Office at “Electricity System Operator” EAD following a prior application submission.

The successful execution of these planned tasks is ensured through the allocation of necessary resources and the availability of qualified personnel. This maintenance will adhere to technological requirements and is anticipated to conclude by the end of November.

Throughout the unit’s downtime, a series of planned activities will be carried out, including preventive maintenance and technical servicing of the systems and facilities. These actions are designed to guarantee the safe and reliable operation of the plant, providing stable energy supplies during the autumn-winter period. Simultaneously, activities related to the long-term operation of the nuclear power plant units will be implemented. The sixth unit’s reactor will be replenished with fresh nuclear fuel for its 29th fuel campaign.

Meanwhile, the fifth unit of the Kozloduy Nuclear Power Plant will continue to operate in accordance with the electricity generation schedule.

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