Westinghouse with intentions for units 7 and 8 of Bulgarian Kozloduy NPP, EDF – two units of the Belene NPP

Units 7 and 8 at the Kozloduy NPP site will have American AR 1000 reactors and will be built by Westinghouse, and the two units at the Belene NPP site will be built by EDF. This became clear from the explanations of the Deputy Minister of Energy Elenko Bozhkov during a conference on the development of nuclear energy in Bulgaria, organized by the leadership of the World Energy Congress in our country.

In connection with the construction of blocks 7 and 8, an intergovernmental agreement with the USA is to be signed. Subsequently, this document must be notified by the European Commission and ratified by the upcoming (hopefully the 49th) National Assembly, Elenko Bozhkov explained to the conference participants and in a report of “what government has done” according to the commitment made by the deputies from the previous parliament. As is known, in their last days they obliged the official cabinet by signing an intergovernmental agreement with the USA for the construction of Unit 7 at the site of the Kozloduy NPP using the AR 1000 technology.

However, the caretaker government has also made significant progress on the future of the Belene NPP, it became clear from the words of the deputy minister. 

The CEO of EDF will arrive on a visit to our country on April 4 in order to complete the construction of two energy units at the site of the Belene NPP. Accordingly, on April 18, French experts will inspect the site and the equipment. In order to start construction of energy blocks on the Belene site, an intergovernmental agreement will also be needed, but it will not need to be notified by the EC

Elenko Bozhkov, Deputy Minister of Energy

The foreseeable term for commissioning of units 7 and 8 of the Kozloduy NPP is 2045, and of the two units of the Belene NPP – 2035.

The Deputy Minister of Energy also announced that the final contract for the supply of nuclear fuel for the 5th unit of the Kozloduy NPP with the French company “Framatom” has been signed. We remind you that it is for a period of 10 years.

With regard to Westinghouse, which must supply fuel from 2024 for the 6th unit, Deputy Minister Bozhkov specified that the analyzes are currently being submitted to the NRA, and another meeting in the ministry on the subject is coming tomorrow.

A little later, the Ministry of Energy clarified that it was only about contracts for pre-project engineering studies for the construction of new nuclear facilities.

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