Bulgaria will seek derogation from sanctions against Russia in nuclear energy sector

The question of European sanctions against Russia in the field of nuclear energy was raised informally by Ukraine and was not discussed in Brussels’ sanctions packages. This was stated by the Deputy Minister of Energy Elenko Bozhkov to BNT.

However, this does not mean that in the future they will not enter. The opinion of the countries that have such equipment is unequivocal – it is necessary to look for an opportunity to continue these supplies and they will continue. The countries that are affected have the right to take retaliatory measures. I asked the nuclear power plant to find out what these parts are that cannot be replaced with others. It turned out that these are 41 items, which include both spare parts and equipment, as well as consulting services, software and hardware that are used for computing base and plant process management.

Elenko Bozhkov, Buglaria Deputy Minister of Energy

According to Bozhkov, the Council of Ministers is preparing a decision to request a derogation on the supply of equipment for our nuclear power plants, which cannot be produced by any country other than Russia.

The deputy minister was categorical that the department did not offer Ukraine the equipment for the reactors of the “Belene” nuclear power plant, which Bulgaria bought from Russia years ago, and Kiev itself showed interest. “However, Bulgaria has no commitments and is not obliged to provide it,” said Bozhkov.

Since it is about strategic equipment, especially important for the security of the state, this should be done at least with a decision of the National Assembly or a regular cabinet issued by the National Assembly

Elenko Bozhkov, Buglaria Deputy Minister of Energy

However, according to him, this equipment will most likely not be used, since the constructor “Rosatom” will not give consent and a license because of the imposed sanctions. For Russia, we are currently an adversary country, Bozhkov pointed out.

Bulgaria’s participation in the alliance for the development of nuclear energy is a consequence of a meeting between President Radev and the President of France Macron, in which the two talked about the need to build a society of countries that interact in the development of nuclear programs and the creation of new capacities, the deputy minister also said.

The possibility of completing the construction of the nuclear power plants in our country with the Russian units is being considered, but cooperation is also being sought with countries such as France and the Czech Republic, Elenko Bozhkov pointed out.

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