International renewable energy forum starts in Bulgaria, Sofia today

The International Forum “Power and Business Together for Green Energy” today at the Hyatt Regency Bulgaria, Sofia, the organizers of the meeting – Association “Solar Academy Bulgaria”, “Standard” media and M3 Communications Group announced.

This is the first of the series of events that are coming as part of the “Yes! To the Bulgarian green economy” campaign. The forum “Government and business together for clean energy” will present not only the current problems in the energy sector, but will also bring together government, business and experts in one place to propose the best and most effective solutions for them.

The forum comes at a time when Bulgaria should chart its path to energy independence, its organizers point out. Among the participants in the event are expected to be Rosen Hristov – Minister of Energy, Rositsa Karamfilova – Minister of Environment and Water, Ivan Shishkov – Minister of Regional Development and Public Works, Ph.D. Eng. Veselin Todorov – Chairman of the Solar Academy Bulgaria Association “, Miroslav Dimitrov – Chairman of the Bulgarian Solar Association, Tsvetan Simeonov – Chairman of the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry. 

Energy experts from various political parties are also expected to take part in the forum. The participants will discuss policies and measures for decarbonization and the removal of administrative barriers to investments in new technologies, as well as propose specific reforms and mechanisms to ensure energy for Bulgarian consumers.

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