Bulgaria easies installation of small rooftop PV power plants

It will not be required to issue a license for the production of electricity from renewables and owning plant with total installed electrical capacity of up to 20 MW instead of the current 5 MW, the deputies decided. The National Assembly adopted in the second reading amendments to the Law on Energy.

The operator of the electric transmission network has no right to own, develop, operate or manage energy storage facilities. The operator of the electricity distribution network is obliged to connect each site of an electric energy producer or an electric energy storage facility located in the relevant territory, for which the producer and operator of the facility has concluded a written contract for connection at a price for accession, determined according to the relevant regulation. Electric energy storage facilities have equal access to the transmission and distribution electricity networks subject to security criteria and equal access to all electricity markets and possible capacity balancing mechanisms.

With thоse changes Bulgaria intent to create and improve the development of infrastructures for transmission, distribution and storage of electric energy and natural gas and for the transfer of oil or oil products in and through the territory of the country.

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