Bulgaria annouced plans to build to hydro power plants on Danube with Romania

Bulgarian Minister of Energy Rosen Hristov , who took part in the international First Ministerial Energy Dialogue – Athens 2022, organized by the Greek Minister of Energy and Environment Kostas Skrekas, reports the press center of the Ministry of Energy. During the discussion, Hristov outlined the main priorities on which the Bulgarian Ministry is working. According to him, the focus is on the active participation of our country in regional energy infrastructure projects, implementation of new technologies, increasing the share of green energy, including geothermal, as well as storage opportunities.

During the event, Minister Hristov discussed with his Romanian colleague Virgil-Daniel Popescu the possibility of building two hydroelectric power plants on the Danube River.

There are such power plants in Austria, as well as bilateral ones – in Serbia and Romania. It is high time for Bulgaria to take advantage of this natural resource. In addition, in this way we also get two new bridges over the Danube river.

 Rosen Hristov, Bulgarian Minister of Energy 

The signing of a memorandum of cooperation on these projects and detailed studies for their implementation is pending.

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