Bulgarian companies will be able to store oil stocks in Romania

For the first time, Bulgarian companies will be able to store part of their designated stocks of oil and oil products on the territory of Romania, reported by Mediapool.

This is possible thanks to the assistance of the State Agency “State Reserve and Wartime Stocks”, which successfully cooperated with the Romanian authorities and provided additional storage capacity for the raw materials in another member state of the European Union. This is stated in a message of the State Reserve.

The management of the State Reserve had meetings with representatives of the Romanian Ministry of Energy. They discussed the possibilities of Bulgarian companies storing fuel stocks.

Conditions for the storage of stocks near the Bulgarian border have been agreed upon, and if necessary, the stocks will be able to be transported into the country very quickly, the announcement of the State Reserve says.

The Law on Stocks of Oil and Petroleum Products allows the obliged persons to store up to 50% of the levels of their specified stocks in vessel capacities of other member states of the European Union, provided that their physical availability and accessibility are taken into account.

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