Bulgaria’s Kozloduy NPP granted exemption for Russian supplies in annual unit six maintenance

Bulgaria’s Kozloduy Nuclear Power Plant (NPP) EAD will have the capability to engage in negotiations and procure supplies from Russian companies for the upcoming annual maintenance of unit six. Following receipt of a letter from our nuclear power plant and based on the recommendation of the Minister of Energy, the Council of Ministers has, during today’s meeting, sanctioned a decision permitting an exemption from the restrictions imposed by Regulation No. 833/2014.

This regulation encompasses restrictive measures due to Russia’s actions that have caused instability in Ukraine. The regulation encompasses provisions that authorize competent authorities of Member States to allow exceptions to the introduced prohibitions, specifically when such exemptions are deemed necessary for the operation, upkeep, refueling, and overall safety assurance of nuclear facilities intended for civilian purposes.

In this particular instance, the matter pertains to the procurement of intra-reactor detector blocks and asynchronous electric motors, alongside their corresponding supplies and services. The granted derogation will additionally facilitate the acquisition of a tubular electric heating unit for the volume compensator, current transformers, as well as specific spare parts for check valves and other components. The assortment of goods and services outlined within today’s decision of the Council of Ministers pertains directly to the planned annual maintenance of the power plant’s sixth unit.

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