Bulgaria will import parts and materials from Russia for the Kozloduy NPP

The Council of Ministers approved a derogation from the EU sanctions imposed on Russia. It concerns the purchase of the necessary materials, spare parts and services for the planned annual repairs of the Kozloduy NPP. According to Energy Minister Rosen Hristov, this will ensure the normal course of repairs and operation of the nuclear power plant.

According to him, the decision is of “critical importance for the security of the power plant”.

It is about materials, services and parts for which we have not yet found alternative suppliers. We are continuing the process of selecting new contractors so that in the long term we have absolute security. The other direction in which we are working is restocking with those materials and parts for which we cannot yet find alternative supplies, so as to ensure the unhindered operation of the Kozloduy NPP for the coming years

Rosen Hristov, Bulgaria Energy Minister

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