The construction of the 100 MW PV park on the Bobov Dol TPP has begun

The work on the construction of the 100 MW PV park on the territory of the Bobov Dol TPP in the village of “Golemo Selo” Bobov Dol Municipality, continues, the executive director of the plant, Eng. Lyubomir Spasov, said in an interview with BTA. 

At the moment, the supports that will support the solar panels are being placed on the former slag dump. 

The company is working it can be seen on the ground. The park will be located on an area of ​​about 1,300 decares. We will not be able to use them completely because there are two ravines but they will also be used in the project for another purpose. We have provided land for a substation we have also set aside land for the possibility of making detours from the road where we intend to create a green station for charging electric cars

eng. Lyubomir Spasov, executive director of Bobov Dol TPP

He pointed out that the TPP is only 2 km from the Struma highway, so anyone passing by can get off the highway, charge their car and continue to Greece or Sofia. 

A few days ago, representatives of the European Commission visited the “Bobov Dol” TPP as part of their tour of the South-West coal mining region in order to familiarize themselves with the investments made so far in the direction of the transformation of energy companies towards the production of cleaner and greener energy.

The solar park will not completely replace the plant’s production but will be a supplement to it. 

At peak times we should produce 95-100 MW of electricity per hour. When the sun is at its strongest we expect such a power. At the moment, the thermal power plant produces about 300 MW i.e. this is a third of its current capacity. At the start of the operation of the photovoltaic park, the plant’s production should rise by about 30 percent, they specified further from there.

With the transformation of the thermal power station it is envisaged that coal will be gradually reduced in the production process and other capacities will be added. 

The solar park should be commissioned by December 13, 2023. It is part of the thermal plant’s phased energy transformation project.

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