Bulgaria joins Black Sea Green Corridor Project: contributing to underwater electric line for renewable energy transport

Bulgaria has recently joined a project to build an underwater electric line that will traverse the waters of the Black Sea. The announcement was made by Rosen Hristov, the Bulgarian Minister of Energy, and reported by the Bulgarian publication 24Chasa. The project aims to establish a green corridor connecting Azerbaijan to Hungary via Romania, with Bulgaria now becoming a participant.

According to Minister Hristov, Bulgaria expressed its interest in joining the project at a later stage, and the existing participants have given their consent for Bulgaria’s inclusion. The necessary administrative procedures are still pending implementation. In December 2022, the Governments of Azerbaijan, Georgia, Hungary, and Romania signed an agreement pertaining to the Strategic Partnership for the development and transportation of green energy. The agreement laid the foundation for the construction of an approximately 1,200-kilometer underwater electricity transmission cable, which is expected to be completed within six years. A feasibility study is currently underway.

In its initial configuration, the cable will extend over a length of 1,195 kilometers, with 1,100 kilometers underwater and 95 kilometers on land. It will originate from Azerbaijan, pass through Georgia, reach Romania by traversing the Black Sea’s seabed, and then facilitate the transmission of electricity to Hungary.

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