Bulgarian companies signed partnership agreement with Westinghouse for AP1000 reactor unit 7 Kozloduy NPP

The American company “Westinghouse” has signed partnership agreements today with five Bulgarian companies that will participate in the implementation of the company’s AP1000 technology reactor project for unit 7 at Kozloduy Nuclear Power Plant (NPP). These agreements were signed at the office of the American Chamber of Commerce in Bulgaria. The five Bulgarian companies with which agreements have been signed are: “OSKAR EL,” “Glavbolgarstroy” (GBS), “ENPRO Consult,” “EnergoService,” and “EQE.”

This signifies the utilization of local business and academic potential, a concept known as localization, which all meeting participants support.

Bulgarian Minister of Energy, Rumen Radev, emphasized the significance of this step in implementing AP1000 technology at the Kozloduy NPP. He expressed satisfaction that Bulgarian companies will be partners with “Westinghouse” and hopes that more Bulgarian companies will join. He assured the government’s cooperation and support for the project.

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