A Study will show how many nuclear reactors will be needed for Kozloduy NPP

Bulgaria is working with the US on a pre-project study that will provide an answer to the cost of the project for new capacity at the Kozloduy NPP, as well as to the country’s electricity needs, and based on this data, a decision can be made on how many nuclear reactors will be be built. This comment was made by the Acting Minister of Energy Rosen Hristov during the inspection of the liquefied gas terminal near Alexandroupolis, quoted by BTA.

In the coming months, the agreement with the US government will be signed, which will include the exchange of experience, competences and any other assistance that can be provided at the government level. The expectations are that the results of the pre-project study will be ready by the beginning of 2024 and the National Assembly will then be able to make a competent decision on the project.

Hristov’s comments are on the occasion of the decision of the 48th National Assembly , which obliged the Council of Ministers through the Minister of Energy to take the necessary actions for the construction of Unit VII at the site of the Kozloduy NPP using Westinghouse’s AP 1000 technology. The deadline for negotiations was set in the decision – March 1, 2023.

The MPs obliged the government to start all the necessary steps for a licensing procedure at the site for the construction of a second unit using the same technology.

A similar pre-project study can also show what will happen to the equipment purchased by Rosatom for the Belene NPP, it became clear from Hristov’s words. According to him, it is possible to integrate it into a joint project with another supplier of nuclear technology – European or American.

The Nuclear Regulatory Agency (NRA) commented to Investor.bg that mixing two technologies is not a precedent in nuclear energy. An example is the Bushehr nuclear power plant in Iran, which is equipped with Siemens equipment, but  the construction was completed by the Russian Rosatom . Years ago, Bulgaria tried to sell the equipment for the Belene NPP to Iran, but no deal was reached.

At the end of February, Rosen Hristov announced that Ukraine was interested in the equipment and that Ukrainian experts were expected in the country to assess whether to buy it.

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