Coal energy is the main source of energy security in Bulgaria

Coal energy is the main source of energy security in Bulgaria. The assessment of lignite reserves in the Mariska Basin is that there is a resource for at least another 50 years. The currently proven geological deposits of lignite coal in the East Marish deposit are 2.12 billion tons. And with the expansion of production, the estimate for the availability of lignite coal is until 2090.

In 2021, according to the data of the Bulgarian Electricity System Operator (ESO), the total gross electricity production for our country amounts to 47,826,281 MWh. Of these thermal power plants (including gas-fired ones) produced 22,956,951 MWh., or 48%.

Data is taken from Our World in Data

It should be noted that in certain periods of the year when there is peak consumption coal-fired thermal power plants due to their technological specifics participate in the regulation and balancing of the electricity system, and hence their share in electricity production is even greater. Energy security is above all. 

Data is taken from Entso-E

If there is to be an energy transition, it must first of all take into account the resource security and the specific features of the Bulgarian electricity industry. Bulgaria cannot voluntarily deprive itself of a proven, developed, available and own energy resource, even after 2040 or 2050. The same goes for nuclear power. And let’s not forget a key element of energy security – staffing. 

Borislav Boev, Researcher and Energy professional

As early as next week Deputy Prime Minister Atanas Pekanov will start talks with the European Commission and its individual structures on what procedure to follow based on the decision of the National Assembly. This is a precedent. No other country a member of the European Union has raised the issue of revising their national plans.

Gulab Donev, Prime Minister

Bulgaria will try to postpone and negotiate new dates to meet Europe decarbonization goals without closing its coal plants located in Maritza Iztok complex.

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