Bosnia and Herzegovina will receive natural gas through Croatia

Croatia’s Minister of Economy and Sustainable Development, Davor Filipovic, said that Croatia will allow Bosnia and Herzegovina to connect to the Croatian gas pipeline and use its own LNG terminal through the Southern Gas Interconnection, and that it will help the country for her own gasification.

We are in the process of negotiating with representatives from Bosnia and Herzegovina to build a gas pipeline so that the gas from the LNG terminal supplies Bosnia as well. The Croats in Croatia and the Croats in Bosnia and Herzegovina are one and it is normal that we also think about the Croats in Bosnia and that in Croatia we are creating a route to Bosnia

Davor Filipovic, Croatia’s Minister of Economy and Sustainable Development

According to a previous agreement between the Croatian gas operator “Plinacro” and the Bosnian “Gas”, the construction of a branch of the “Ionian-Adriatic Gas Pipeline” to Bosnia and Herzegovina in the Imotsko-Posuški region has been agreed, which will provide Bosnia with diversified gas supplies, as it now depends solely on the gas arriving through the Turkish Stream gas pipeline.

In this crisis, Croatia is becoming an energy hub in this part of Europe, where we are doubling the capacity of our LNG terminal on the island of Krk, which until now was 2.9 billion cubic meters. We are strengthening the gas pipeline network in order to be partners with the neighboring countries and, of course, with Bosnia and Herzegovina

Davor Filipovic, Croatia’s Minister of Economy and Sustainable Development

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