Croatia is increasing LNG terminal capacity on island of Krk

Croatia is starting to expand the capacities of the liquid gas terminal on the island of Krk. The plan is to double the capacities and the deadline for completing the works is the fall of 2025.

You will have energy, you will have the opportunity to earn something, you will also have the opportunity to form 2-3 companies, develop trading platforms from gas to electricity and that’s it. You don’t have to be on the spot if you want to trade, but it’s better if you have a source of real energy, delivery and dispatch of gas and oil, gasification, etc.

Igor Dekanić, energy expert

By the beginning of the autumn heating season in 2025, it is planned to increase the capacity of the LNG terminal on Krk from the current 2.9 to 6.1 billion cubic meters of gas per year by installing an additional module. Parallel to the extension of the terminal, additional capacities of the Zlobin – Bosiljevo gas pipeline will be built to the north through Croatia and then towards Slovenia and Hungary.

That gas pipeline should be finished by the end of 2025, and with it we are increasing the capacity of our transport system. For the gas pipeline to Slovenia, we already have a building permit, while for Hungary we should still complete certain projects that we will do in the next 3-4 years

Ivica Arar, director of the state company for gas transport Plinacro

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