The EC launched a public consultation on the reform of the EU’s electricity market design

The European Commission calls for all those interested in from large industrial consumers to SMEs and households to contribute “to the reform of the European Union’s electricity market design to better protect consumers from excessive price volatility, support their access to secure energy from clean sources, and make the market more resilient”. The consultation will run until 13 February and focuses on four main areas:

  • Making electricity bills less dependent on short-term fossil fuel prices, and boosting the deployment of renewables;
  • Improving market functioning to ensure security of supply, and fully utilize alternatives to gas, such as storage and demand response;
  • Enhancing consumer protection and empowerment;
  • Improving market transparency, surveillance and integrity.

Up to now, there are 40 valid feedback instances received, most of them (11) from France, only one from Romania, one from Bulgaria, and one from Hungary. 31 messages came from individuals and only 5 from companies.

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