Electrohold Bulgaria anmouced planned network development in the Vidin region

Electrohold group presented the priorities of the activity of the electricity distribution company ERM Zapad and the commercial companies Electrohold Sales and Electrohold Trade at a working meeting in Vidin with the regional governor, mayors of municipalities and their representatives from the region. During the talks, they discussed the investments made to improve the quality of electricity supplies, the opportunities provided by Electrohold’s commercial companies to their customers in the free market, as well as the advantages of the electronic service that the companies provide through their electronic service platforms.

The main priority in the investment program of ERM West in the Vidin region is the development of the electricity distribution network through the modernization and reconstruction of the electricity facilities. This year, BGN 597,000 was invested in the reconstruction of low-voltage networks in the villages of Pokraina, Inovo, Chiflik, Archar, Bela Rada, Slanoturn, Botevo and the town of Bregovo. BGN 350,000 was invested in the rehabilitation of the 20 kV “Yazovira” overhead power line, which supplies 2,400 customers from Ruzhintsi municipality. With an investment of BGN 290,000, the “Gramada” junction station was modernized. Repair activities and replacement of power equipment for BGN 173,000 were carried out in substations on the territory of the municipalities of Vidin, Bregovo, Dimovo, Valchedrum and Ruzhintsi.

In the next year, ERM Zapad foresees investments of BGN 2 million in the territory of the Vidin region, of which BGN 1.7 million will be spent on reconstruction, modernization and digitization of the electricity facilities.

Electrohold holds a series of meetings with representatives of local authorities in Western Bulgaria. The events are part of the company’s policy of open, active and dialogical communication with the mayors of municipalities and regional governors of the territory it serves.

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