ECKO Bulgaria is building two large PV plants for Aurubis Bulgaria

ESCO Bulgaria will build for its partner “Aurubis Bulgaria” two photovoltaic installations for the production of electricity for its own consumption.

ESCO Bulgaria, which until last year was part of the CEZ group in Bulgaria, will provide full engineering – design, delivery, installation, commissioning and maintenance of the photovoltaic installations. The two plants will have a total installed capacity of over 13,000 kWp.

In 2021, CEZ ESCO built the first Aurubis solar park – Aurubis-1. With an annual production of 11,700 mWh/year, it was the largest solar park in Bulgaria for its own needs.

The new projects, named Aurobis-2 and Aurobis-3 respectively, will be built in 2023-2024. Aurobis 2 will be located on a site on the territory of a reclaimed landfill. “Aurubis 3” will be built on the territory of the technological site of the plant.

The two plants will produce a total of 17,000 mWh of electricity per year, which is equivalent to the annual consumption of nearly 5,000 households.

The projects are part of the Aurubis Group’s strategic goal of transitioning to green energy. To achieve this in Bulgaria, the company trusts the experience and expertise of ESCO Bulgaria. In total, the three projects will provide about 6% of the plant’s current electricity consumption.

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