EU Grant of 25 Mln Euro to Back North Adriatic Hydrogen Valley Project

North Adriatic Hydrogen Valley, a transnational project led by Slovenian energy company HSE has been admitted to negotiations with the European Commission for the allocation of a 25 million euro ($27 million) grant, said a partnership supporting research and innovation in hydrogen technologies.

The Clean Hydrogen Partnership has started the grant preparations for two flagship hydrogen valleys the public-private partnership supporting research and innovation activities in hydrogen technologies in Europe under the Horizon Europe Programme said in a press release.

The first will be spread across the North Adriatic area comprising Croatia, the autonomous region of Friuli Venezia Giulia in Italy and Slovenia, and the second aims to build a hydrogen corridor across Baltic Sea countries, including Estonia and South Finland.

The projects will now start negotiations for their grant agreements, which are expected to be concluded before the summer.

The North Adriatic Hydrogen Valley is an initiative supported by the governments of Croatia, Slovenia and the local authorities of Friuli Venezia Giulia to accelerate the deployment of hydrogen technologies. Hydrogen valleys are regional ecosystems that link hydrogen production, transportation, and various end uses such as mobility or industrial feedstock.

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