The EU announced its own plan to support green industry

European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen presented the industrial plan for the Green Deal a day ago. Its aim is for the EU to cope with the global race in subsidy schemes for green industries. As the EU aims for climate neutrality by 2050, key industries such as the manufacture of wind turbines, solar panels and battery electric vehicles must be ready to provide the necessary technologies to decarbonize the economy.

We know that in the fight against climate change, emission-free industry is most important. Because of this countries around the world are stepping up subsidy schemes for green industries. Let me be very clear about this: we welcome this. This is good news. We have long argued that combating climate change is a must.

Ursula von der Leyen, President of European Commission

However, concerns have been raised that foreign subsidy schemes could encourage green industries to move production to other countries or build new factories outside Europe. Against this background, the Commission adopted an Industrial Green Deal Plan to ensure that the production capacity of key technologies in Europe is increased.

We know that in the coming years the idea of ​​a zero-emission economy will be better developed and where it will be and we want to be an important part of that zero-emissions industry that we need globally.

Ursula von der Leyen, President of European Commission

To increase European manufacturing capacity for green technologies, the Commission will propose a new Net-Zero Industry Act by mid-March. The new law will focus on key technologies for the transition to decarbonisation and it would speed up permitting stimulate projects in several countries and help reduce red tape. Industries that will be covered by the new law include “batteries, wind farms, heat pumps, solar power, electrolyzers, carbon capture and storage technologies,” the document said.

The plan, published on Wednesday, will be discussed at a meeting of EU heads of state and government in Brussels on February 9-10, and von der Leyen said it would “shape the legislative proposal” for the Zero Emissions Industry Act.

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