New EU Hydropower Alliance will look for opportunities for new investments in HPP and PSH

Newly created Hydropower Alliance will seek opportunities and investments for companies in the HPP and PSHP segment. 

Hydropower Alliance brings together the biggest players and that they have a total capacity of 111 GW. Hydropower is a key source of renewable electricity for the European Union

Kadri Simson, European Energy Commissioner

Hydropower facilitates the integration of large amounts of renewable energy from intermittent sources into the system, providing flexibility, including energy storage. Utilities highlighted the role of re-energizing existing facilities and installing more of them for EU targets.

The Hydropower Alliance asked the EC to “create an adequate, reliable and sustainable economic, political and legal framework for investment”. It is pointed to the need for a strategy like that for other types of renewables and said that hydropower should be included in the list of strategic technologies.

So far, the EU’s approach has been mostly to renew and modernize existing installations. Local residents and environmentalists are generally hostile to new projects and see them as harmful. Environmentalists argue that there is little untapped potential left in hydropower, at least in terms of sustainability. Also, after last year’s extreme continent-wide drought, hydroelectric reservoirs are once again running dry. This raises the question of the viability of the proposed investments.

Pumped storage is key to the deployment of intermittent renewables.The role of pumped hydroelectric power stations is particularly important. Such systems can capture excess electricity from wind and solar power plants when demand drops and supply it to the grid when there is a deficit, such as during unforeseen and adverse weather changes.

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