Europe’s “nuclear alliance” has agreed on 150 GW of nuclear power capacity by 2050

The 16 European countries participating in the “nuclear alliance” will prepare a road map for the development of an integrated European nuclear industry. The aim is for nuclear power capacity in the EU’s electricity mix to reach 150 GW in 2050.

The alliance includes France, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Finland, Hungary, the Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Slovenia, Slovakia, Estonia, Sweden, Italy, and the United Kingdom as an observer. 

On Tuesday, the group met specifically to discuss the alliance after the first meeting in Stockholm in late February. It then took place within the informal meeting of the Energy Council and was followed by a second meeting in Brussels at the end of March.

Another emphasis is joining forces in the development of MMPs, which are more consensual at the European level. Thus, alliance member states are ready to work on processes to “standardize the design of new nuclear reactors.” To this end, the EU must promote “better conditions” and “better access to finance”, the countries that signed the joint declaration say.

They refer to the Net-Zero Industry Act presented by the EC in mid-March, a text that distinguishes between nuclear and other decarbonized technologies. “This is a matter of special attention” for alliance members, he added Panier-Ryunash.

Finally, the 16 countries discussed how to “help European countries that are still dependent on Russia to reduce their dependence,” the French energy minister explained. Hungary, Slovakia and Bulgaria, which attended the meeting, are among these dependent countries, as they have Russian-built reactors on their territory that use Russian fuel. However, “it will probably take about a decade before we can replace the nuclear fuel supply” at these Russian reactors with another fuel source, Panier-Rünache said.

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