France is trying to create an alliance to support nuclear power energy in the EU

France is talking with 12 EU countries including Bulgaria and Romania to create an alliance in support of nuclear energy and its inclusion in the energy policies of the community. Paris is looking for backers to counter countries such as Germany and Spain, which do not want nuclear power to be put on the same level as green energy.

The talks are taking place on the sidelines of a meeting of energy ministers in Stockholm today (February 27). The focus is how to include nuclear energy as a means of ensuring energy security and meeting climate goals, French diplomats also explained.

Invitations have been sent to Romania, Bulgaria, Slovenia, the Czech Republic, Sweden, Italy, Slovakia, Poland, Hungary, Croatia, the Netherlands and Finland, as well as to representatives of the European Commission.

The agency recalls that the countries of the community define their own energy mix and most of them have a different position on what it should look like. Austria and Luxembourg, for example, are staunchly opposed to nuclear power, citing nuclear waste storage and general safety concerns.

Germany is in the process of phasing out nuclear energy but because of the natural gas crisis, it has extended the operating life of its last reactors by several months.

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