The EU is discussing sanctions against Russia’s nuclear energy with a 2-year derogation

The European Union is discussing the introduction of sanctions against Russian nuclear energy with a 2-year derogation for member countries that still have valid contracts with the Rosatom company, Reuters reported.

Lithuania’s proposal allows countries such as Bulgaria, Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Finland, whose reactors depend on Russian nuclear fuel, to end contractual relations with the Russian supplier by 2025. The same applies to France, which relies on Russia for uranium processing. For Hungary, which has blocked previous attempts at sanctions against Rosatom, the Lithuanian proposal allows 9 years until the Paks nuclear plant is expanded.

Bulgaria also expressed reservations against sanctioning Rosatom – in February, President Rumen Radev warned that he would veto any proposal for sanctions affecting Russian nuclear energy. Energy Minister Rosen Hristov pointed out that the Kozloduy NPP depends on Russia for the supply of equipment.

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