Bulgarian ESO and ENTSO-E are working to create a Trans-Balkan Adriatic Corridor

ESO and the European association ENTSO-E are working to create a Trans-Balkan Adriatic Corridor for the sharing and maximum efficient use of green energy produced in the countries of the different regions of Europe. This was said by the executive director of ESO, Angelin Tsachev, at a scientific forum at UNSS on the topic “Energy transformation in Bulgaria in the context of the RePowerEU plan”.

At the opening of the conference, Acting Minister of Economy and Industry Nikola Stoyanov emphasized that Bulgaria should take advantage of the opportunities provided by the RePowerEU plan to achieve long-term and sustainable results.

The decentralization of electricity production requires the development of the electricity transmission network to ensure better connectivity between the individual European regions, emphasized in his speech the executive director of ESO Angelin Tsachev. He also pointed out that the measures under the RePowerEU plan should be aimed at sustainable adaptation of the national electricity transmission network for the full integration of the potential for electricity production from RES in the country. In 2023, the Electricity System Operator will take concrete steps to transform over 700 kilometers of power lines from a voltage level of 220 kV to 400 kV. Within this program, 20 adjacent substations will be reconstructed.

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