EV Fest Sofia 2023: International Festival of Electric Mobility in Bulgaria

The Association of Electric Vehicle Owners in Bulgaria proudly announces the first international Electric Mobility Festival in Bulgaria. This event, dedicated to the future of electric cars, is free to attend and will take place on October 21 and 22, 2023, at Alexander Nevsky Square in Sofia.

Visitors will have the opportunity to enjoy hundreds of electric cars from various brands and models exhibited by their owners, as well as by various official representatives of car brands in our country. The festival will also feature a test drive area where representatives from leading car brands will be available to answer questions and demonstrate the benefits of electric cars.

The program of EV Fest Sofia 2023 also includes the third edition of E-Rally Serdica, offering owners and enthusiasts of serial electric cars the chance to participate in a race along a challenging route at the foot of the Vitosha and Rila mountains. The goal for participants is not only to complete the race as quickly as possible but also with precision and energy efficiency while respecting the set average speed for each stage. The race is organized by the Association for Sustainable Mobility team, who have over ten years of experience in the FIA World E-Rally Championship. The rally will start and finish at Alexander Nevsky Square, covering a route from Sofia to Samokov, Borovets, and back to Sofia, with an average length of 200 kilometers.

EV Fest Sofia 2023 is organized by ASEB with the assistance of the Association for Sustainable Mobility and with the support of Sofia Municipality. Its aim is to highlight the importance of electric cars as environmentally and economically sustainable means of transportation. This event marks the First International Meeting of Electric Vehicle Owners in Bulgaria, bringing together several countries from the Balkan region, including Greece, Romania, and Serbia. The festival will host EV drivers from cities as far away as Kalamata, Athens, Cluj-Napoca, and Brasov. The festival also serves as the Sixth National Meeting of Electric Vehicle Owners in Bulgaria, providing an opportunity for EV riders from all over the country to exchange experiences, knowledge, and support the rapidly growing community of electric car enthusiasts. In Bulgaria, the number of registered electric cars is soon expected to surpass 10,000, a clear indicator of the growing interest and acceptance of electric cars in our country.

The event will span two days and will be dedicated to electric mobility, offering various educational activities, discussions, and fun opportunities for the entire family. We look forward to welcoming all electric mobility enthusiasts, as well as those who want to learn more about the future of transportation.

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